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Stomping Like Dem Big Dawwgs!

[Like Martin use to say]


A long, long time ago, there were a pair of ass kicking boots. Ass kicking boots that were so ugly that only ugly people wore them. Ugly people like Nazi offspring's and skinheads out to kick some asses---Circa 1993 Grunge Era. Role in High School: Outcast--- Now that these ugly ass kicker boots have been painted with the fashionista brush; there should be no reason that all fashionistas, with an accurate sense of personal style and use of color, band together and COP A FEW PAIRS for spring!

Dr. Martens, a footwear, clothing and accessories brand, who's products are most often known as Doc Martens, Docs or DMs. The footwear is distinct because of its air-cushioned sole (dubbed, Bouncing Soles), developed by Dr. Klaus Martens of Germany.

Although these very popular boots have been especially made popular among the less attractive social networks such as: skinheads, punks, grungers and members of a few other youth subcultures. I must admit that this is a current trend, I just may not mind jumping on.

6a00e398e7af0d0004010980c8b1ad000b-500piThe Infamous Docs have made a bit of a strong comeback this season, and will be paired up with Floral dresses instead of Bomber jackets. With exciting new callabo's such as the Vivienne Westwood 2009 designs and a series of five shoes called "Doc Primaries," where the leather body is the same exact color as the soles beneath---The low-top boots will come in red, blue, yellow, black, and white---Doc Martens are giving women everywhere a reason to be the discerning rebels of the fashion industry. The one we all imagine to be, while killing our baby toe in another pair of platforms. And since we just LOVE VINTAGE here at anyway it should be very easy for us all to accept and appreciate some cracked leather, mixed with worn out soles, a-la Chuck Taylor style! (because lets be honest, these are the type of boots you'll be


rocking, until they start singing the chorus to "Lean Back": See if my shoes don't dance/ We just pull up the laces/ and do da 'Rock-a-way'/ So lean back, Just Lean Back, Lean Back, mami Lean Back)

So Please Fashionistas, cop a pair of pretty Docs this season, but try NOT to beat anyone up we're all in a good place of "change" this year, and stomping people out went out a long time know with those OLD DMs.


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