Vice Thursdays

9:14 AM

The After Work Edition
"I'm sitting in a 'techno globe' right now & it's a Thursday! A HOLY Thursday !"

Some People actually have to work tomorrow, and I'm sitting here watching young 20 & 30 somethings sweat in their Zara crew necks and Intermix pencil high waists. On, what is called, a "Caribbean Night" I sit listening to Tribal techno for 20 minutes, over a Bashment DJ yelling "riiiiiiiigghhhht....EV-RY Bo-DI Get-awyn Bahd".

Just when I'm 2 seconds of throwing in the towel, I run into a familiar face. I start to think of where I may have seen this face before, when I caught a flash back of Teddy Bruckshot giving orders "dem Have 90 secahnds! if dem nah out in-ah 90 secahnds. Kill EVERY-BLODCLOT-BODY"!".
The most popular hip-hop body guard of them all, Shotta's shot gun totting & King of hip-hop & Reggealypso, Wyclef Jean's own body protector, "Beas" Anderson! That's right, Brooklyn native & Professional Guard dog Beas----of G.F.P.P. [ Gorrilla Force Personal Protection] was along side many cultures feeling that tropical vibe of the After-work Island cloud and Corporate Playground called: Vice Thursday at Aura.
Aura, was home to Urban Yuppies hailing from every island under the Caribbean sun. Even the bi-racial butterflies, who are only the offspring of natural Island natives (you know, the "Americanized" ones who can't put on the accent), came out after the long office day and before the Holy spring holiday, to let loose "Bachannal" style ::Definition:: Ba-CaHn-NahL- To Party and have fun without reason. Happiness, euphoria with musical accompaniment---
Buttoned up and bow-tied alike, everyone partied until the weeee hours of 11:30pm, just in time to make the Path train back to Jersey City, or the "until 12am" parking limit---whichever applied---to catch enough appropriate ZZzz's to do it all over and reminisce at the cubicle the following day.
Check out the 9-5 Bag! Yeah, I got a few of those!
Yah Home!. Time for Bed, shoot in the morning!

Yes, it was another weeknight of "unwinding" Carnival Yuppie style. But stayed tuned as we visit the recession special, Go Green: Drink & bob your head for the environment! Too much dancing equals Global Warming!

Aura Lounge

Neighborhood: Manhattan/Flatiron
5 E 19th St
(between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas)
New York, NY 10011
(212) 671-1981

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