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By: The Female Tony Montana

My Fashion inspirations and personal motivators do not only stop at celeb's, famed Icons, and "Friends in my head". I have a few besties in that mix as well. The free spirited, tell it like it is, skinny girl with curls is in that Top 5 list of mine for damn sure! She's a Jane Girl by default and here's what she has to say:

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How you feelin?

Glad summer is finally here!

Any regrets?

Wished I would have listened to mi Madre more, but I do now, so its all good…

What’s your first memory as a child?

So many! My fluorescent skirt I wore a lot to day care, being made fun of for not knowing how to dance (still get that lol…), and eating everything my mom and dad cooked…

What’s your biggest contradiction?

I love affection but need my space and a chance to be alone!

Do you get bored?

It’s a rare time to be bored! So much to soak up in the world, I can’t shut my curiosity off…

Can’t live without?


What’s your hustle right now?

Working towards a move abroad.. Don’t know how, but I’m hustling it!

Favorite word?

NOW! (as in embrace the present…)

What’s your biggest strength, weakness?

Good, I believe I CAN get through anything… Bad, maybe not having enough experience to handle it all, but you go as it comes…

What does “fcklove” mean to you?

Everyone has their own version of love, fck what everyone else thinks! :)

Tony Montana



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