Trunk Sale @ The Lexington Palace

1:32 PM

Trunk Sales at The Lexington Palace

Vending relief is back and Closet Jane is in!
August 2009

maggiebATHROOM Hey There Jane Girls!
Like promised, the Jane Summers will continue in full effect!  But since the rain poured on our Flea Market event this past Sunday we have an even  BETTER event. A Trunk Sale!

They'll be "No Clouds in OUR storms" this coming Saturday August 8th, 2009 1-6 pm as the Brooklyn Babes provide an exclusive Fashion and Renaissance shopping experience for you.

Come and enjoy shopping, snacks, drinks and socializing this weekend while you support a  talented group females. It's a She-Thang!

190 Lexington ave
Brooklyn NY 11216
between Bedford and Nostrand, closer to Bedford!!

G train to Bedford-Nostrand stop
exit at Bedord side
(take a left on Bedford walking against traffic
make a left on Lexington bout 4 houses down on your right
2nd floor)
917.678.3840 Sam
for help

"PRISTINE MARCIANO" white blazer
by George Marciano available on

FREE Goodies, Discounts  and Friends!Sammy B Mannequin6ix

Enjoy a Jane Girl freebie with a single purchase, go Trunk shopping for $10 goodies and introducing the SammyB. label:

* * *

Sassy, Sexy and Ultra Cool fused with a Street-Creed Edge, are just some of the words that describe the SammyB line.

SammyB is a contemporary line of clothing that is urban chic, fun, funky, fresh and unmistakably New York.  The line provides an array of interchangeable pieces that are casual and dressy.   The line consists of tops, bottoms, jackets, dresses and even swimsuits.



* * *


Come and get exclusive clothing, accessories and artwork by:

* SammyB
* Closet Jane LLC. * Created By Fortune* Artwork by Danah Givens* MQ Designs.

RSVP to and recieve location details.

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Key Word:
Closet Jane

"Vintage isn't a Trend, Vintage is a lifestyle!"
"Moving forward by looking back"
"Vintage, Where The Young is Useless!"

I can't seem to pick one!

any suggestions??

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