Jourdan Dunn

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Fashion Fabulosity or Trend?

Jourdan Dunn

As  all of our favorite SUPER's are either dropping their 4th addition (Heidi Klum) or expecting their 1st (Karolina Kurkova,  Brazilian babes Adriana Lima & Giselle Bundchen) The beautiful and 19 year old British model--1 of  Chanel Iman's besties and first time momma her self--- struts her stuff  down the Jean Paul Gautier catwalk during Paris Fashion Week spring 2010 collections.

The gracious and soft spoken Jourdan Dunn still posses the girl like qualities we all did when we were 19: jamming to new  music, hanging with friends and chillin at "MAC-Donalds" ( as she would say) . But Jourdan is in a far better position than the average teen pregnancy statistic; simple because she's filling fashion ad campaigns and haute couture catwalks left and right.

Still strutting her stuff, while carrying a 7 month along bump, definitely shows the evolution of the fashion industry but I'm not sure if we witnessed this, a few years earlier, if it would it be a "taboo" situation. And I also couldn't help but notice that this particular model just happens to be a fellow Brownin; Double Whammy!

While we're still watching shows like  MTV's "16 and Pregnant" , still trying to include more diversity on the runway and get rid of the waif  models, here comes along a new trend. I'm not really sure what to think of the "High Fashion Industry" right now; they [who govern] always seem to write their own rules---as they go along--- for who's/what's "hot" at the moment. Hmmmm, I'm kind've over it. As I love looking at all the girls in their full-on GLOW, including young Jourdan, I'm not really sure I'd want to see it on the runway.

Dear Fashion Industry,

Make up your mind! Either you like Black girls, or you DON'T. Either you like frail models, or you DON'T.  Also, I'm about 6 month's along, my Agent tells me that this season, Lagerfeld is only casting 1 to 2 Black girls, I think I'm a shoe-in for this one! YAH"

Either way, Jourdan [actually] does look dope--as well as all the other expecting momma's in this fine industry--thank goodness they put her in rubber soles for this one---Below are the rest of Jourdan's illuminating mommy glow photos along with her leggy Veteran Colleagues.

To read more about Jourdan Dunn's experience, Visit:

where she holds the November 2009 cover along with Chanel Iman

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