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Hanging with 13 year old's never felt so good!

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Sunday November 22, 2009- Sunday evening marked the beginning of a beautiful society: The Shine Society, developed by my fabulous social group The Urbanistas (an eclectic network of 18-34 year old urban influenced women with backgrounds in fashion, arts and media. 'Urbanista' is currently being developed into a multi-media platform destination as well).

The Shine Society has devised a glowing group of of beauties pairing up fly 20 somethings with aspiring 8th graders from 2  middle schools in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn New York.  Our first Sunday afternoon meeting was anything less than nerve-wrecking as we all-- young and mature--embraced each others style, smiles and inner beauty.

Before holding court with the eager 13 year old's, we were all given Homework. Prepping for our meeting began with the reading (or re-reading for some) of the inspirational book PUSH by Saaphire followed by an outing to view the now major motion picture Precious, directed by Lee Daniels.

The legendary BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Theater was the perfect location to hold our screening and follow-up round table discussion with the mentors, mentees and other fly 30, 40 and 50 y.o. organizers. The devastation, unanswered questions, relateable trauma, awareness and experience depicted in the film translated immensely via discussion, with the many stories that flowed around the room between all the girls and women. It wasn't a surprise  how much pain and anguish some of these young girls already experienced, however I was able to find an immediate peer circle of understanding and love due to all the similarities in the room. Exactly like Clarice Precious Jones.

I loved meeting my mentee again, 13 y.o. Shaneka, who holds a slightly shy demeanor and definitely not as out spoken as a few of her school mates, but a sweetheart nonetheless, with MODEL potential--might I add. I see great things with our budding society. And Cannot WAIT to meet with them again--at our fabulous discussion with the films Executive Producer, Lisa Cortes on Dec. 12th 2009.

View a few  images below of the afternoon.

To read an additional article written by our very own 'Mama Bear', Michaela Angela Davis

please visit:


"The Film 'Precious' Exorcises Our Demons"

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