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Pink Goodbye's

The Pink Tea Cup Closing

The Pink Tea Cup was opened in 1954 by Mary Raye, a native of Florida. Mary had always dreamed of owning her own business. Cooking was her great love, and after working as a cook in many hotels and private homes, she dared to venture out on her own.....

It was with this dream of entreperneurship, turned reality that led The Pink Tea Cup into the hearts of hungry New Yorkers 50+ years ago. Now, the famed West Village cozy Soul Food spot -- and MY former employer...for 1 night :-) -- will be closing it's doors before the close of the 2009 year.

I must say, I am a bit crushed by the decision to close the Tea's doors. Due to the international economic crisis and rising cost of supply, like other business, The Pink Tea Cup is left with no choice and have decided to gracefully bow-out.
When walking into the tiny and very pink wholesome restaurant, located in the openly Gay West Village Manhattan Community,  your immediately greeted with a sense of a fabulous community. The entire right side of the wall is filled from ceiling to top-of-first seat, with autographed head shots of legendary artist, screen actors, Broadway stars and some of New York's fines socialites, club kids and taste makers that have called this city home for the past 80+ years. A typical New York Historic Eatery.

Whether stunned and frightened or amused and entertained by the (original) singing cook's Luther-esque croons (May they both R.I.P.) or stuffed and happy after that last bite of their sweet potato pie, The Pink Tea Cup will remain in the New York City memory forever.
Let's help revamp the stigma of "eating out", even though it's difficult to think otherwise during our current economic crisis, but together we can help in changing the standards of restaurant gatherings. It's within the walls of legandary venues such as this where great ideas for Artist such as myself are born!

Please stop by before the end of the month of December 2009 to pay homage to the legendary Pink Tea Cup and help them reconsider their decision ;-)

The Pink Tea Cup

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