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Behind the scenes photo shoot # 2! December 19, 2009

Hi my friends!!

The behind - the-scene images from the ЯÜ MYNT MAG photo shoot 2 of 3 is finally up. It was a blast this weekend. Everyone worked their shoot!!! I am very thankful for my friend Shayna D, who is also a feature in the first issue, for coming out and assisting on set.

I am extremely excited that my other really great friend, Sirita, came out and handled all of the wardrobe, styling, and creative direction of the shoot. She is an official contributor to the team. Be sure to stay tuned on coming updates with the debut of ЯÜ MYNT MAG 2010!!!

This time we shot:
Chris Classic- Music Producer
Kinna LeBlanc!- Fashion Enthusiast
TreZure- Singer/Songwriter
Sirita- Wardrobe, creative director
Ms. Mo- ЯÜ MYNT MAG CEO, Makeup artist

Enjoy! Tell all of your friends, colleagues, whoever to check out our social site. We don’t want them to miss the BIGGEST experience to hit 2010!

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