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Ms. LeBlanc's New Face

Monday January 4th, 2010-- So since "10" seems to be such a magical number---I mean after all it IS my fabulous day of birth --- and since the Black Eye Peas are declaring the fabulous arrival of the 2010 year to generally be a Good Night I think we're all feeling the overall positive energy that 2010 has brought in.

Immediately following the legendary NYC ball drop, new ideas took place in my head. I took some inspiration from 1 of my Fashion Fairy Godmothers: The Legendary Ms. Patricia Field and here's what happened:

kinna_jane-leblancYOU LIKEY?!

So I figured, since I need to start branding things very soon, why not come up with a newer personified logo to go along with our Jane tag!

needs more tweaking. But which one so far? Top or Bottom.

Oh! and let's not forget my fabulous encounter with the darling Ms. Pat herself, during my modeling days. After chatting it up, sharing a few laughs and me rambling for 2 minutes about how much I LOVE HER, here we are at a Growing Up Gotti birthday party back in 05' with her (12 year old God Son)  Zachary (yes, in the club!)

yes, it was HOT in there! And that was my cell phone sticking out of my Bra! heehee.


"Young Model. Messy Room":

*Featuring: Model Citizens hanging on the wall, Beach Bag on Bunk Beds & CHUCKS underneath!


So whenever in New York prance on over to the Fab boutique, right off "The Bowery", where there's a lot of madness to get into...

Hmmm, I think I might go there today, I need some Biker Gloves!

Until then visit online:


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