Stray Cats...

5:14 AM


The name I call new & clingy acquaintances.

For one, these are usually women. And it seems very natural for them to just cling to you socially, and pick up your jargon and/or style, thinking a slight imitation of you is impressive.

They want to impress you because they want to stay in your circle and good graces.

They don't have a lot of real friends, if any. They have a revolving door of people they associate with and they're often the "associate" that is cut off.

Stray Cats just want to be accepted. They want a home, and someone to like them back, hence the clingy-ness.

They're only considered "cool" by SOME outsiders because most of who they are, and what they do, has been adapted from the homes (friends) they have been in and out of.

Which also means, they have no real identity. And when their identity surfaces, which is a Stray Cat, they are, again, abandoned.

Be careful of Stray Cats, their best interest is themselves not you. They're roaming around finding some new clique to be a part of, or some trend to exaggerate. They're not your real friend and they never will be. Stray Cats are usually always concealing some kind of lameness that got them abandoned in the first place. They want to use you for your hospitality.

Friendship is not charity. It is earned. Leave the Stray Cats alone.

thought up by.. Brook Lynne Carter

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