Sunny's D.I.Y. : Denim x TieDye x Zippers x Studs

3:31 AM

Here's Yadira's (Sunny's) first D.I.Y project. So when you're on a budget and in need a chic bag, what do you do ?! D.I.Y it . Sunny found this amazing D.I.Y on Here's her awesome results. Badass huh?!

What she has to say about it:
"Here's the bag that I made, it took about 8 hours to make. I used one pair of H&M jeans that I no longer wear . I cut it kind of long not too long but a good size. I love big bags, so I made it kind of big, it's really essential for school when carrying lots of books. I put blue lace inside of the bag for extra chicness. I also put a zipper inside, so my stuff would not fall out. After all the hard part I add some bleach and studs and made a dainty little blue lace bow & VOILA ! "

Interested in making your own?
Here are the D.I.Y videos!

xo Closet Jane Dolls
Shani & Sunny ;-*

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