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JANE MONDAYS: LeBlanc Throw-Back

I was totally in this video, I just found it on Youtube and MY IMAGE is the opening still! COOL!

During my younger modeling days, I did a lot of commercial work, Fit modeling, ads and 1 or 2 videos low budget videos. I had to style my own 80's outfit with my own wardrobe for this one:

The Look:
* Fur Collar
* Leather Aviator/Bomber Jacket
* High waist Skinny Jeans (Skinny's weren't huge yet, just "funny looking")
* Hand done "LeBlanc" studded embellishments on the booty -- That I Still Have & THAT HURTS!!
* Burgundy/Wool newsboy cap
* Aviator shades

* Purple Vintage ankle boots (my co-workers at H&m at the time called them "Rick James Boots")

Fast forward to 1:25 time

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