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10:18 AM

The Success of SammyB

Honorary Jane Doll, dear friend and colleague, Samantha Black Creator, CEO, Creative Director --Awwl Dat-- of Sammy B Designs has been taking off the latter part of this year.

Fashion Shows here and abroad, Magazine Tears
galore, and mucho Celebrity red carpet romping. Her fun, sexy, Sparkly and colorful pieces have, both, the streets and the industry buzzing. I have personally pulled, styled and worn SammyB. (OMG, I've gotta get my 'purchase' on. Smh.)
In between hemlines and sequins, she still finds time to paint the town Glitter, and lend a hand at youth development (OoWw!)

Yes, Yes dollies, buckle up, because SammyB is about to be the d
rape of young hollywood and the "Friend in my head" to all the girls next door.

Proving that hard work, ambition, diligence and walking stupid fast through the streets of NYC does, in fact, pay off.
Shout out to my girl, "Sammy-Licious" SammyB & Ms. LeBlanc >>

Keri Hilson, This week on 106 & Park SammyB Skirt

Teairra Marie in SammyB Swim

Rosa Acosta in SammyB Swim

Tokyo Diva performing in 1 of-a-Kind SammyB

Teyana Taylor in a SammyB Dress

SNEAK PEAK: At a Shimmery FALL

SammyB and Monique Hardy (SB Team member) seen her with SammyB models during her Fashion Week 2010 Showcase

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