2010 Give Back Toy Drive

10:24 AM

We're at it Again!
3rd Annual Give Back Toy Drive

My family over at Printinzone/Partyzone.us are keeping that Philanthropy touch rolling each holiday season with the Give Back Toy Drive. This year we will be distributing toy's in CI and it'll be my BIRTHDAY!!!! Yah!

The 3rd Annual Give Back Toy Drive will be held on December 23rd at MCU PARK in Brooklyn, New York from 1:00pm - 5:00pm. The Annual Toy Drive was conceived and organized by Elique Group Inc., a full service Urban Marketing Agency who found the need to use its resources to help the community in which it does most of its business. “Each year we anticipate bringing responsible businesses, organizations and individuals together for the purpose of putting beautiful smiles on the faces of so many children”, said Jevante Qirashawn, founder of EGI. “This year will be extremely special due to the call by many mothers and fathers within Coney Island for us to come to their community; and we are pleased to answer their call”.
For more information please go to www.givebacktoydrive.com

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