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9:27 PM

So I went to a BBQ this weekend...

Threw on a Romper---I copped for $9.99 at a discount store earlier this year--- ,some wedges, grabbed a clutch and rolled out to the Scrooge Ent. No Need 2 Skip 4th annual bbq.

"Anti Fashion, Pro Style!"

Touched. Inspired. Bought. Sewn. Taught. Borrowed. Vintage. New. Old. Modern. Soiled. Stained. Torn. Mine. Style. Fashion. ME!.

What I am.
Who I am.
Where I present.
How I represent.
Where it's packaged.
How it falls.
Whether sintched at the waist or hooded with taste.
It's my fashion, ONLY at My Pace!
- K. LeBlanc

"Never be afraid of Fashion. Always have fun Dressing up"
~James St. James 

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