So I picked up a sketch pad...

12:08 AM

Jane Dolls
Closet Jane Pin-ups

I picked up my drawing sketch pad for the 1st time in 2 years, I let it flow naturally, but had some guidance MY INSPIRATION: The Pin-Up girl. Oh how I have adored the beautiful art of the female form for such a long time; along with the glamour and sophistication of the sexy photography.

I've always had a fascination with Pin-ups, and Pin-up art. But I noticed there aren't too many references of Pin-Up art in COLOR (aka GIRLS of Color). I love the great and well known Artists: Alberto Vargas and Gil Elvgren but after picking up my sketch pad, I went in the direction of trying to finesse my pin-up art skills and becoming a dope pin-up Artist in COLOR! I guess you can say they were my original "Jane Dolls" , so we're Introducing some Closet Jane/Kinna LeBlanc Pin-Up art.

Here's what I worked on this weekend, so far:

My 1st Pin-up Sketch. I illustrated this when I was 15. the date below says 99'


She borrowed a Minaj' wig!

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