Doll house Documentaries Vol 1

11:30 AM


the dynamic in this house is epic!! 

Two med students (one actually lives in Jamaica and is just here raping the couch for the summer), two bartenders (aka future magazine editor and writer) and one Jane of all trades ;) Never a dull moment. From our fridge that can't get it together to our window that won't stay closed to our overlapping personalities.

How we all ended up here is irrelevant (but if you must know, a friend lent it to us for a year). It's funny how we keep bringing out the best in each other and finding pieces of ourselves in the process. These women are ahead of their time. We spent the hurricane weekend cooped up together and not one (serious) cat fight. But we're all glued to the tv when Basketball Wives comes on :/ (yea we know the difference between life and entertainment).

We share stories, advice and of course bills. It has become more than an apartment; it's been a hospital, a therapist's office, a bar and an overall haven.
So far I've gathered that when women stop attacking each other we become what we truly should be; each other's keeper. We re all eager for the next chapter, but the present one is scrumptious!!

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