Icy Jane

5:29 PM

Fly blogs of a Feather....

There are many that I am fond of: near, far, from up the block, planet internet, and Antwain "Icy Twan" Michell of Another Fashion Book is 1 of them (Planet Internet). 

After complimenting 1 of the Jane Pin-Up Dolls, we randomly collaborated via Illustration, and OMG, he LOVED IT!!!

OoWwW! (whewh!)

"Shoutout to http://www.closetjane.com/ she made an icy illustration of me and I love it. I might just dye my hair that color she made in the photo"

Yes, Sir shout out to you! Fly blogs of a Feather must flock together! visit Twan's Fashion Book, here

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