12:04 AM

 Lunch with the Boobie
It was a little brisk in the air for this number, as fall approaches, but this dress feels sooooo good while worn, and I treated my hunny to lunch after not seeing him for a week, it was perfect.
 Silk Maxi Cheetah on Leopard Dress. Vintage Dooney & Burke purse, Vintage Crocodile belt with chain, Created By Fortune Jewelry.

"Anti Fashion, Pro Style!"

Touched. Inspired. Bought. Sewn. Taught. Borrowed. Vintage. New. Old. Modern. Soiled. Stained. Torn. Mine. Style. Fashion. ME!.

What I am.
Who I am.
Where I present.
How I represent.
Where it's packaged.
How it falls.
Whether sintched at the waist or hooded with taste.
It's my fashion, ONLY at My Pace!

- K. LeBlanc

"Never be afraid of Fashion. Always have fun Dressing up"

 - James St. James 

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