Fly by the Waist

10:21 PM

 9-5 Chic

I dont know how you other fabulous girlies, (boys) and bloggers do it.....have time to either TAKE PERFECT SELF PORTRAITS or POSE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EMPTY STREET, WITH WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY USING A PERFECT HIGH QUALITY DIGITAL CAM. for eg.

hmmm....since I'm a Jane of All Trades and CAN do it all; I (now) work 12 hour days...and...ummmmm I'm just NOT doing that. 

HERE'S the best I can do, I figure I give you guys a fab Accessory close-up instead....

like my new "K" pendent?

Cotton/Silk White button down blouse
Navy Blue high waist parachute slacks
Vintage Hairstyle = Victory Front/Up Do Roll.  
Mix-N-Match Jewelry = F21, H &M & a cute Jewish Boutique in Crown Heights

"Anti Fashion, Pro Style!"

Touched. Inspired. Bought. Sewn. Taught. Borrowed. Vintage. New. Old. Modern. Soiled. Stained. Torn. Mine. Style. Fashion. ME!.

What I am.
Who I am.
Where I present.
How I represent.
Where it's packaged.
How it falls.
Whether sintched at the waist or hooded with taste.
It's my fashion, ONLY at My Pace!

- K. LeBlanc

"Never be afraid of Fashion. Always have fun Dressing up"

 - James St. James 

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