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If we weren't so Style Infatuated, we'd probably be naked.

" Once upon a time, far far away in a dreary swamp there lived an atypical Swan, different from the rest, daring to standout but yearning to fit in. This swan had an extraordinary touch to her, for her dark complexion made her an outcast. Her deepest desire was that a change will soon come to pass, so after every sundown & from dawn to dark this swan wished & wished. One day, while carrying on her habitual activities, she befell the Old Wise Owl, she pleaded he gave her white feathers like the rest of the swans; but he said unto her “Beauty is truth, truth is beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know" He then sent her on a path, it lead to fortune, but first you must face the obstacle be forth. It will then lead you to virtue; you’ll stumble upon your calling. Search your soul; discover the true reason for your existence. You must conquer thyself before you can conquer the world. The Swan took heed and this is only the beginning." 
*L'Naked Swan*

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