Jouvert Peach

3:11 PM

So we went out for Jouvert

Brooklyn is ALWAYS awake, every section (Russian side, African American Side,  Puerto-Rican side etc.) but the last weeks of August leading up to the West Indian day parade.... BAP, BAP, really supposed to be an expression of GLEE, COMMUNITY & CALYPSO.  So, I'm very sorry for those who were hurt this beautiful weekend.

But here was the look (I only went out once)

Peach H&M Silk Cardi, Cheap Tank, Cheap shorts, and BANGIN' SHOES by Rouge, Hot Peach Mani/Pedi, Dooney & Burke Vintage side bag (no pictured)

I didn't bother to go to the parkway but some of my besties did. And here they are Scantily Clad as "Flowers of the sun" (Sesame Flyers)!

Miss Alpha Doll herself, Jenn

My little sister Jillian

Her Friend Ebony Bell (LOVE Her!)

And how awesome was it that we (Dominicans) had a fully costumed band this year! :) (Indigenou) Carib people and all! Guadeloupe looks hot too!! GO FRENCH INDIES!!

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