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Alpha Dolls step out: Shontelle's birthday Bash!

Shontelle Layne

 So! *smacks lipsMiss Alphadoll and I attended the fabulous Miss Shontelle Layne's Birthday Party at B.B King's last Thursday. After being held up at the hair salon and taking care of some dollhouse gossip we jetted off in a cab to the city. (Shoutout to the nice cabbie who made sure not to overcharge us). We were on the guest list so we were in as soon as we got there (yass!).

Miss Shontelle (by the way I like to call her Miss Shontelle) was already onstage performing as we were of course fashionably late. But we got there in time for the good stuff. And let me tell you she looked FAH-BYOO-LUSSS!!! in her glod number. she belted out her hits like T-Sirt, Say Hello To Goodbye and of course our dollhouse favorite IMPOSSIBBLLLEEEE!!! Lol....Sorry I just love that freaking song.
                                                                                                           Miss AlphaDoll Jenn, In Rue107

You couldn't deny how sweet, personable and tangible Miss Shontelle was. She spoke of leaving Barbados to follow her dream and how she misses her family *grabs tissue*---a topic this doll can easily relate to----she even addressed the issue of her alleged 'beef' with our mental bff Rihanna. Letting everyone know their is no truth to the allegations, in fact she co wrote "Man Down" so HA! 
Anyhoo, after her performance she came down to the dance floor and partied the night away with us mere mortals. And if that wasn't cool enough, guess who was there?! CoCo and Breezy!!! Omg!! 

Miss AlphaDoll Jenn with CoCo & Breezy

They were so fab with their green lipstick and peace signage (be there joke lol). Caked Up surprised Miss Shontelle with a giant cupcake/birthday cake and mini cakes for everyone else. Designer bags were given away to the first 9 girls to shake it on the stage. (I didn't get mine because I was too busy taking pics with the designer, whomp whomp!) Check them out at www.FreeEndearment.com their stuff is amaze-balls!! The party was over just when my feet started to hurt and my spanks kept shifting LOL!! (I'm inappropriate, you'll learn.) We all left tipsy and happy. 

We wish Miss Shontelle all the best in her career. We will be watching ;)keep up with her by visiting her official fan site

Closet Jane, Rue 107,  DJ Suga Slick

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