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My Memories Digital Scrapbook  x  Software Discount

Hey Jane Dolls! Okay, so those of you that know me personally, know that I LOVE collage-ing and try to do it on everything LARGE. (Most people collage their notebooks and backpacks. I’ve done kitchen tables, living room ceilings bathroom doors, awwl dat!)
So, I was very happy to receive the email from Liz G., a service rep, with this very nice offer to be an affiliate---she totally loved the blog!---the digital scrapbooking software found on

Templates, layouts and images, OH MY!

Before I let all my dolls know about the fun contest and how fabulous this suite pack is, of course I had to try it out before hand. At first site…. well, actually I was hoping I’d get something in the mail, to have a fun pic to post and all, but it was totally DOWNLOADABLE….SO, upon first site I must say, I thought the programs layout was rather drab…it was just a blank grey screen with a TON of options at each end...thank goodness for those options, because with the first click on any, an ENTIRE world unfolded. I was very impressed because the My Memories Scrapbooking suite pack is a smooth combo of [all my Graphic Designers, stand up!] Adobe Photoshop mixed with Indesign, dipped in some Quark, garnished with Microsoft Paint and a chaser of Internet on the side! AWESOME! I know! It also has some of the SAME shortcuts like these other software.

This software, it’s a very fun way to log & load your images and create fun projects; Books, portfolios, CD covers, mini posters and scrapbooks, baby’s first journal etc. I didn’t get the opportunity to REALLY get my hands on it (damn you, 9-5) but I can see it’s potential to go BIG! The software itself has a ton of options to choose from in terms of design: textile, color changes, paper styles, customizing, photo cropping, word art removing, embellishments sticking, shapes and much more. The website also has many layers of fun and creative leads on what project you can tap in to next. Templates, layouts and images, OH MY!
Typical Slideshow effect  
Ehh….other than the drab layout of the actual suite, there isn’t much. But a service such as this scrapbooking suite pack, should be pretty versatile when it comes to importing and conversions, don’t you think? I mean, one can get lost in a world of collage-ing, scrapbooking and publication design not to mention all those fabulous images of yours. However, I noticed the options to convert these cute PAGED BOOKS that’ll be created, wont really appear as a cute paged book until it needs to be PRINTED. Not fun. What if I want to showcase my work online BEFORE I send it to printer? Do you know those flippy page corners that most digital/online magazines have? I wish this sweet suite had THAT feature; it would be 100% complete. SELF-PUBLISHING here I come! But such is not the case. Instead you get the typical “slideshow” effect, like these below, Womp, womp.
Below are examples of BOOKS that I created, while testing out the program. If I JUST want to preview online before print, you couldn’t tell.
I don’t like to promote JACK SQUAT, if I don’t believe in it, but I believe in this software. Despite the lack of appearance of a “book” previewed online, this software is a quick and easy way to develop clean and creative layouts.  There are a ton of cool freebies, short and easy tutorials and, again, another fun and EASIER way to do quick layouts. So, Kinna LeBlanc approves this message. :)

Quick 6 page book on some BEHIND THE SCENES fun during the past 3 Closet Jane photo shoots.
I'm not sure why this is going so fast though :/


Share the memories! 

Share the memories! 

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