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Calling all Fashionitas and Photo Lovers. We’re having a contest!
So I already did a review, now here’s the FUN PART: 
YOU can win a chance to have your own copy of the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software for FREE! 
By entering the: 
Closet Jane Vintage Photo Contest!


Send in your BEST VINTAGE INSPIRED LOOK for a chance to win the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software.
If you were stitched...
what type of Vintage Doll would YOU be?!
30’s Renaissance, 40’s Pin-Up, 50’s Housewife, 60’s Mod, 70’s Diva, 80’s Party Queen, 90's Sport

To enter the giveaway you must FIRST:

1. Submit a FULL LENGTH photo to
Photo submissions MUST be in good light, and fully photographed from Head to Toe. Be descriptive about your look, including its Era of inspiration  i.e. 50’s Housewife”.  Photo submissions can have a detailed description of clothing labels, but are not necessary. Please include your name, age and hometown. *Remember* you are showcasing your personal style. 
2. Check the Closet Jane Blog daily to view your image/voting status.
3. Copy/paste the Closet Jane website or post link to your Twitter, Facebook, Email, Tumblr and tell ALL your friends and family to vote for YOU!
4. Patiently, play the waiting game to see who the lucky winner will be!


1. There can only be ONE photo submission per email account. Emails with multiple attachments WILL automatically be disqualified.
2. ONLY include your name (full name, tag name optional), Age and Hometown or current represented city, when submitting.
3. Photo contest will run 1 FULL WEEK beginning Tuesday October 19th, 2011.The first FIVE photo's submitted will be those chosen to showcase.
4. There will be three [3] days of voting, a winner will be chosen and unveiled on the 5th day of a business week (this includes Saturday and Sunday)
5. The Closet Jane readers, viewers and visitors along with YOUR friends and family will be voting on each image.
6. Your photo image WILL be posted on the Closet Jane Blog indefinitely. If this is a problem for you, this may be the wrong type of contest.
7. There can only be ONE winner.

8. Current Closet Jane current BLOGGERS are not eligible to enter.
9. WHAT DO I GET IF I WIN? You will win a chance to download the My Memories Digital Scrapbooking software for FREE instead of having to pay. See below.

Share the memories! 

Visit the store with this special Coupon code that provides a $10 discount on the purchase of the MyMemories Suite v2 scrapbook software from the store (a $40+ value)
LEAVE YOUR EMAIL IN THE COMMENT SECTION OF POST to receive your Share the MyMemories suite link to submit the following code: STMMMS29116  
(IMPORTANTE: copy and paste the code to avoid typos when using it.)


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