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5:43 PM

WIX LOUNGE ft. MONROE: Music. Art. Fashion

So as promised, Here's some images from yesterday's shopping event/trunk show. 
It was SO GOOD seeing some friends and old colleagues again---I haven't realized how long I've been OFF the scene---I felt so at home kicking it with some genuine industry friends and family.

It was also nice rubbing [tight ] elbows with some Young & Hot NYC socialites of music, art and fashion. Like Coco and Breezy, Ibrahim (from that BET Model show...he's kinda dreamy) and some other folks, I can't remember, I was too busy catching up with FRIENDS to be a FRUPIE (Fan, Groupie)

 Ms. LeBlanc pictured with Ladies of Monroe, Sade and Samantha

Longtime friend, Jeff of TechieNYC
thanks for being my camera guy Jeff, I know it was your off night ;)

 Ms. Iris of IBB Art and thesepinklips

My sis and I, Monique of MQ designs 

Mellisa Fortune of Created by Fortune

Pictured with Mootze, Mellisa Fortune and Woodjiny!!
Love them!

 Dana Givens, standing in front of her own Fab art!

Stylist Paige Graham

Shayna D of Sirius radio and the Diva Lounge

Singer/Songwriter, Sade "Dizzle", "Pinky" Graham ;)

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