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8:44 PM

IT'S ALEXUS!! (Like, "IT'S ELECTRIC" get it?!)

Hey everyone! 
My name is Alexus and I will be blogging about Kpop and teen fashion. If you do not know what Kpop is then I will explain it for you. Kpop stands for Korean pop music which is somethig like American pop music but in Korean! I don't really listen the American music all that much so I would love to introduse you to a new world of music and (of course) style.
I will also be writing about the teen fashion world! I am an aspiring model who loves to watch fashion shows and read magazines such as teen vogue. I will tell you all about what is in for the season, what's hot and what's not! 
Though this is only the beginning, I hope you all enjoy what's next to come in these post that I will be posting. So please look out for the next blog post on closetjane.com 

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