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The Incomparable WHITNEY:
It's only been 48 hours, but for some reason, no one can let go of the sorrowful grips of the tragic news heard around the world. I caught myself steering at a co-worker in disbelief as we discussed this weekend's highs & low's of the music world, "It's as as though we lost an aunt, huh? this is how I felt when cousin Mike passed" I said....

This was a personality that BIRTHED an entire generation of pop culture, music, style, sounds and other female stars---- do you remember old Brandy Interviews when she would go on and on about her love for Whitney and THEN they did Cinderella together on a TGIF Friday on channel 7. OMG! I died!

It shows that LOVE is truly the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL,  when everyone looks passed the "self inflicted issues" and just admire the greatness, the talent, the voice and the music, becasue we truly were rooting and genuinely loved her. 

You will truly be missed, may you R.I.P. and THANK YOU.

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

A lot of us Fashion and Beauty girls knew of "another Whitney", the young model/choir girl. That statuesque frame, golden skin and MR. MAX FACTOR's DREAM OF A FACE on a Hollywood set, later followed her to the music world to complete the package. Here she is during her teen years as a young Seventeen Magazine model.

History repeats: Kinda looks like all the young girls now, huh?
 She reminds me of Jane Mini, J. Ella, here

FACTS ABOUT Ms. LeBlanc Ft. Whitney:

* My Kindergarten Graduation song was; "Greatest Love of All" Circa 1989-89

* I got in to an argument with another girl in like 95' because I thought Whitney was saying "Shantal" and not "Chaka Khan" in "I'm every woman"---woah, right!

ummm...that might be it. =D

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