Saturday Sssips and Chats

8:15 AM

....Some bangles, Statement Necklaces, Sssips, Chats and New connects!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of hanging with like minded femmes, at fellow Fashion Blogger Tammy, of A Fendi Bag 's, place for some like minded projects, her future progression and just some JEWELRY SHOPPING!

With awesome sponsors and tasty party favors by Evelyn's Kitchen and Jewelry provided by Phylly's own Mijorne, Saturday Afternoon was nothing short of awesome.

Time went by, the Wine flowed and  slew of new business cards for me to connect with. Check out this weekends LOOK by LeBLANC and all the fun we had!

Shout out to Philly's own, Stephanie Lynn. of Mijourne Jewelry (Mi-JOUR-ne)

Shout out to Evelyn's Kitchen. YUM!

 GO Tammy, GO!


oh! and Dawn Renee of PlushPink was totally my date. (former Sponsor. New Found Friend! ;) 
 Can't wait for the new tees!

Shout out to Kenita Atwater---about to celebrate her 30th, BUT she was another brown woman with the SAME STORY (and now awesome career) as me in MORTUARY SCIENCE!!!! (Yes, ANOTHER FACT about Ms. LeBlanc....she studied Mortuary Science before fashion/art ANYTHING!)

Hey Tiffa, Fresh from the A!

The shoe game was official....I guess Everyone knew they were going to be around the ultimate Shoe WHORE!!


Ms. LeBlanc
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