Janes NEW Doll House

9:00 PM

SO after a month, I am finally back in a new and comfortable space, and BACK home in Brooooookllllyn... Brooookkllyynn [FABOLOUS Voice] Yaaas Hunni!

I had the opportunity of moving in to a complete blank canvas, 1 bedroom basement apartment and I went to wuurk with a paint party of new projects. Complete with a Whitney wall, Keith Haring station, faux brick wall, trunk luggage accents and portable mantel, the new doll house is a slice of artistic comfort.

Here's my Blank canvas BEFORE Ms. LeBlanc walked in the Building:

Then came the Add-on's....


HARING STATION hidden Details:

"Blanca Kintez in... My Life as Kinna LeBlanc" 
(Don't ask. Random. Creative.)


"Everybody's searching for a Hero, People need someone to look up to. I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs, a lonely place to be. And so I learned to depend ON ME!

Of course I added  vintage inspiration with a lot of antique pieces that were given to me so here's the AFTER of the new Doll House!

Closet Jane Trunk Accents

Portable Mantel
(I found that mirror in the  trash. It was PERFECT)

More Vintage Trunk Accents

DIY Book shelf (Paper Bags, Paint, Spray Paints)

DIY Hand Painted Dresser

Back Yard Access-- Painted Concrete Stair case

I also Found a lot of old nonsense, that 1 should never part with. Like CASSETTES. LoL!

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Ms. LeBlanc