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Leopard Slugs x Jane Nails
The Limax

I've LOVED snails for a very long time. Like most children, I was fascinated with discovering, studying then un-covering (the shell) of a snail. But my fascination carried on through life as an adult---They could never take the place of ELEPHANTS but--- now I have an entire farm of them, deep inside my new back yard. Nice! :)

Shell-less land snails are simply called SLUGS, and while most think slugs are gross they're harmless and I love them too! Especially the LEOPARD PRINTED slug, you know the big FAT ONE, the Limax Maximus (I guess that means BIG and LONG!). 

Anywhoo, you can find inspiration in the smallest things, for your smallest canvas and so I did. I payed homage to the Limax by printing them on my nails! ---the pattern looks more "cheetah" like than leopard, but the color scheme is awesome, eh!)

Base color: Champagne by Charlotte Russe.

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