EVENT RECAP: Cuticle Candy: Jane Nails X Wah-Nails

8:44 PM

Wah Nails NYC Pop Up Shop

So I had a stellar time today just soaking up all the energy in the room. Fly Skater boys, Downtown Chicks of all colors, Ms. Shar and her crew and the ENGLISH ACCENT!

It was a beautiful day to get pampered in edgy-style and for FREE! I made new friends, met some of my [few] instagr.am followers (don't hate, I still don't have an i-phone), showed off my ordered/autographed book, and got a chance to really brainstorm while I waited for Glamazon, Irene to call #36

Take a look at the fun, ad of course the Look By LeBlanc below!
Colors provided by MODELS OWN, of course. Official Wah-Nails affiliate

  Such a cute "Step & Repeat", Smileys

  Wah-Nails art book and Models Own Nail Pens ON SALE!. I didn't see anyone purchase while there, Glad I have my "special limited" copy ;)

 The event was hosted  by the gallery boys of Baron Von Fancy.....I like my socks...This is not your usual art gallery.

 1 of the owners, Gordon Stevenson. Heeeyyy Gordon! very friendly and very hospitable, with his Fly ass Vintage Versace Butterfly Pants!

Me with Ms. Irene, Wah-Nails Salon Supervisor (who looked and reminded much of Trinidad's own Ms @accoustaSurgeon ;) )

 Hey Anna! check out her fly nail art, Mani-festdestiny (love that!)

 Short Meeting of the Minds. Gordon and Wah-Nails Creator Sharmadean Reid....I over heard you guys convo, I'M THE FIRST IN LINE FOR A BOOKBAG, K SHAR! ;)

 Ms. Irene's fab Legs, shoes AND SOCKS!

Hey Vanna! 
Downtown girls from everywhere came out.

 A bit of the artwork by Baron Von Fancy.
 Wah Girl, Rae was sooo cute, she did my nails very quickly and signed my book.....Awwwww, look, SHE thinks so tooo! Thanks Rae

 That's right Charlotte, I'm officially a WAH GIRL!

and of course, Ms. Irene had to bless my book.....Shar was somewhere, I ddnt get a pic and my belly was totally talking to me. But huge THANKS YOU's to the girls at WAH and the boys of BARON!

Ms. LeBlanc get's WAH'D
Definitely kept it simple and signature this time around. Really not sure why, I shouldve went obnoxious as possible, huh. hmmm, maybe it was the wait....but it's still gorg, right?!

LOOK by LeBlanc
I'm really not good at taking my own pics. Sorry, this is what it is. and the Painting behind me said "Babelicious".  I was trying to get that

DIY Cropped CALI GIRL Tee, F21 Slacks in Brown, Cropped Denim Jacket by H&M

Ms. LeBlanc
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