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Visit my girl, fellow thrifter, extended cousin and fellow FLY DARK SKINNED MISS, Cherrie Amore's blog to learn more about this Fabulous movement. 

Dark-Skinned Girls Rock Series

 Many dark-skinned women, like myself, have struggled with self-identity issues because of the color of our skin. CherrieAmore is hoping that the "Dark-Skinned Girls Rock!" series will encourage dark-skinned women to embrace their beauty and gain self-confidence! 

If you are a dark-skinned woman and want to be feature on CherrieAmore, please send an email to Cherrie.Amore@gmail.com answering the following questions. Don't forget to put "Dark-Skinned Girls Rock" in the subject headline!


1. Name

2. Age
3. Location
4. Occupation
5. Describe yourself in 3 words
6. Twitter (optional)
7. At least 5 clear images to be posted along with your feature (you can submit more if you like).    Please include full-length pictures. 
8. Blog /Website (optional)
9. Explain your personal style.
10. Who are your style icons?
11. Have you ever struggled with self-identity issues because of your complexion? If so what are some things you did to accept yourself for who you are and love yourself?
12. Do you have any advice for other dark-skinned women that are struggling with accepting themselves because of the color of their skin?
13. What do you like most about being dark-skinned?
When your feature is posted on CherrieAmore, we will email you or tweet you if you have a twitter account. Features will usually be posted every Monday. 

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