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3:09 PM

Hennessy Presents: The Chase
White Rabbit Campaign event

Besides watching Timbaland do nothing on stage, I really wish I saw a performance or two before deciding to leave. Instead DJ DNice was awesome on the turntables and I had a more awesome time running in to old industry friends and making new ones!  (I totally hung with David Banner helping him find shorty's. HA!)

Here's a quick recap of Last Night event, and this is the best I could get for a Look by LeBlanc image.

 Sammy B and Sade. The Fly Ladies of Monroe

   Todd T. of Free Candy
 Sophia S. of Lush Coils
EVENING HIGHLIGHT: Okay, so meeting Chef Roble Ali (and David Banner) was like running in to old Homeboys from High School. THOSE ARE MY PEOPLE [now]!!! 
Love them and their whole operation......No picture with David because we were talking and cracking jokes, a lot!

I Just LOVED the beautiful staff. They had a vintage theme going, from the neck up, complete with Victory hair Rolls, Cocktail hats, 50's make-up and Face nets! OoWw

 Ummmmmm.........I just really didn't understand the empty stage till 1am.
But Damn! I'm mad I missed this!!!!  Ms BADu wearing DeSquared Skate Heels! OoWw 
image courtesy of Lush Coils' FB page  

 My date for the evening, Steve and friend of Mighty Crown

It's Kris Janelle!! (Did I go off on a tangent KJ?? sorry :)

 EVENING FAIL: Keri's Radar's. smh.
Awesome look though: $472 Linda Farrow x the Row Rounded Sunglasses

LOOK by LeBlanc:
Red Skinny's by H&M, Vintage Jack Mulqueen silk blouse, Gold peep toed lace up's

Ms. LeBlanc
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