Russian Doll

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Fallen Angel- Russian Princess
R.I.P. Liliana "Lily" Belfor

This past week I lost a family member and friend. A loving soul that was viciously ripped away from us too soon.  A woman that did not deserve the demise which she received. My cousin in law for many years, Liliana "Lily" Belfor. I just keep waking up and praying this isn't true. Hoping my girl can come back, asking "Why, why her?", The memories of us babysitting younger cousins and neighborhood kids, together, or the long boring summer days rolling through each others apartment with friends like Sharif, Dale and Colin---from the building--- or ironing my curly hair straight with and IRON! Or laughing for hours and hours about every single thing with Karen, Nandi other girls we grew up with from the block. She was just always there, the person that was always THERE for you, no matter what the need. And I'm sorry  I couldn't get to say some much needed words to her before this, something that gripped my thoughts for a long time----you know 1 of those: "I really gotta call her...", " I should really send her a Facebook message to call me....". But just keep putting it off. Putting it off for the sake of fear, pride, guilt but more so PRIDE.....I know you forgave me Lily, you showed me you did with no words. How big of you. I know she will always be with me because of that.

Our neighborhood family once made fun of us for having a Black/White "cousin", but in the end she became everybody's SISTER. My mother sang a few hymns at her Homegoing on Friday 3/13 with our Brother Jamel "Jimmy Fingaz", 1 of her aunts in law and member of her extended STP Family. The least we could for this fallen angel. 
 R.I.P. to one of the realest women this world could ever know, one of the funniest chicks you could ever meet, one of the most loving people you would ever come in to contact with And most importantly one of the few people in my life who taught me how to LIVE iT! my friend, my heart, my cousin Lilian Belfor aka "White Chocolate" LILY RUSSIA! 

Her life, Her legacy, Her spirit, Her testimony, Her last [Facebook] post 4/6/12:
"had a bad day today but everything worked itself out cuz i push to the high limit...luv life people u only get one." -- Liliana Belfor

To read more details: Visit: Daily News   
PLEASE NOTE: The SLANDER that is printed against my cousin is rightfully unjust; it is a bias proclamation and complete discoloration and prejudice opinion against a victim. Let her Rest in peace.

This is for you Lilz. We know what it is...we'll always be in harmony....Christmas Circa 94' in your room!

Ms. LeBlanc
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