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INDI Custom Jeans
This just in from my dear friend, Shay, of the Diva Lounge....

Now that winter is finally over, it's time to upgrade your spring/summer wardrobe!
INDi Custom Jeans offers members of The Diva Lounge an exclusive opportunity to design customized jeans perfect for their fit (at a generous discount!).

Click HERE to begin designing your custom denim today!
Enter Code: DIVALOUNGE at checkout to redeem this exclusive 50% discount

Feel free to share with your (female and male) friends -- Offer Expires: 5/31/12

 70% of women and 40% of men say they struggle to find apparel that fits. INDi is uniquely able to offer individualized fit, design freedom, and the ability to customize a much or as little as you like. INDi gives consumers what they want and is changing the face of fashion in the process. The INDi system captures your unique fit profile inputs and style choices, generates your individual pattern in real-time, and subsequently seamlessly initiates the manufacturing process. Custom is no longer just for models and celebrities. Once you have purchased with INDi and customized your jeans, your unique pattern is saved in your Digital Closet. You can always re-order the exact same pair. You can also try new styles and trends. And you always do so with confidence that your custom fit is never in jeopardy.

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