EVENT RECAP: Beats, Blocks, Brooklyn

6:32 PM

Saturday June 2, 2012

Saturday's event was nothing short of MONUMENTAL---1 thing the Borough of Brooklyn knows how to do is BREED ENERGY, enough to power the ENTIRE EMPIRE STATE--- Hence all the songs, tee shirts, celebrities from here, people from the mid-west who want to live here etc.

Although we got to the Brooklyn Museum for Target 1st Saturdays VERY LATE---Post scheduled time of 5pm to be exact--- the plan to visit our boy Keith Harring, upstairs on 5 in the 1st half & ass shake in the 2nd half did NOT happen--- I didn't even get to see my  BK colleague Ngozi Odita and her posse of Society HAE who hosted the event--- instead we had just enough time to harass the Bartender for cups with ice since we ran into our boy with the Henny bottle in tow.  

We then decided to leave the sea of people alone in the parking lot and try to take in some of art while....ummm...AT THE ART MUSEUM! I got a few photo sessions in with friends & fam---not at all the ole' skool BK Prop photo I dreamed about by Jamel Shabazz---but planning to head BACK to the museum this Tuesday to marvel at Keith's Action lines with a drink as planned! (I'll be off. Don't Judge me)

A sea of people & showing up late aint stop no show. take a look!

 I don't know what the hell I as explaining.
 Look By LeBlanc: Vintage Jones New York High waist skirt, Vintage belt--made by mom, Vintage cat eye shades--- DIY Gold tips by Ms. LeBlanc,  Vintage Perry Ellis side bag, H&M Tee shirt, H&M Cropped Denim Jacket.


 CLOSET JANE TEAM: Always capturing good moments.

 "For days" -- Dale Hagarie

 Don't you just LOVE Nas' expression!
 This made us think of the Global Elite's Domination using 9/11 to usher in the NWO.  See, even Keith was on it back in the 70's/80's!

 I can't, I can't, I can't with the crowds! I'm good! S/O To the Aficionado's

and Scene!

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