FFANY Shoe Expo NYC 2012

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FFANY 2012
Luichiny x Ms. LeBlanc

This week, I got the opportunity to attend the FFANY shoe Expo during their 3 day visit back at the Hilton Hotel in NYC. Invited by Tammy of FBBA fashion blog and The Examiner lifestyle magazine I met with Luichiny/Ardiente; The luxury Couture inspired shoe brand.

I felt like a little girl who just entered the princess Closet (you know the LARGE one in your imagination) at first site of all the Wedged CANDY perched high. Suzanne Lorenz, Luichiny's Brand Developer, gave me a brief tour and history of the brand citing that many of the new designs are for the confident and daring-on the go-balancing act-industry-Maven of a girl (kind've like YOU & ME!)

The Fall 2012 collections eye catching PoP-O-Color are for days where your look is "just about the shoe" which has become everyday---Suzzane and I agreed, that it's currently a trending topic that can stick around. I noticed there were styles for every type of personality which showed "versatility" as a top priority for the brand such as Fun strappy Platforms, colorful Lace-up Wedges, Traditional Cowboy boots, Innovative Ankle boots (by Parent Brand Diba--- my first experience with heels!) etc.

Suzzane also mentioned the brands level of undying affection with Spring Fashion Shows normally falling on (or around) none other than Valentines Day! During that time the Luichiny brand goes all out, adding full on cupid themes for their shows.

 Blogger, Kinna LeBlanc and Suzzane Lorenz, Brand Development >>

With affordable retail prices that are just under (and above) $100, EVERY Girl should fall in love and be a Luichiny Girl, in my opinion. There's something for everyone's sense of style, that will not break the bank or leave your fluctuating confidence levels back at home with the empty box. 
After all each design is specially designed "from our heart to your sole" -- Luichiny

To learn more about Luichiny, Bronx and other brands by Demand Shoes LLC visit them here!
To learn more about Fashion Footwear Association of New York visit them here.

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