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Logo Design

The "See Jane Style" moniker has been a part of Closet Jane for 1 year now (est. May 2011) and while It patiently waited in my IP (Intellectual Property), then on to the Facebook Like Page url, I realized it would be a perfect name for my new TUMBLR Page (est. May 2012) since it will be filled with all that makes me tick!

Today I began working on a new Jane pin-up doll image (en colour) to match the Tumblr. Inspired by original artwork by Femme Fetale Artist, Niagara, here's what came about:

 It's ME! and how I see myself--- the Bombshell, Attichude gyal, Pin-up offspring of Glamour & Style. 
Pinklipgloss, cuticle candy, constellations, Big hair, Long nose and ALL! 
Ms. LeBlanc variations= my signature big hair mane and the new curly fro'

Before I finalize this image and until I can figure out a way to have this show on tumblr in a nice sizable, eye popping, lip hanging manner, it'll be parked here in the mean time. 

Leave a comment me know your thoughts!

Ms. LeBlanc
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