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Lipstick and High Heels
Blogger Social

This week I had an oppurtunity to show some love at the Lipstick and High heels themed Blogger social, hosted by the lovely Trina of The Baby Shopaholic--- and her Fab Friends.

We nibbled on cupcakes, sipped on very tasty Eden [Bodyworks] cocktails and chatted blogs, style, beauty and shoes! I got a chance to snag a quick hug from Ms. Tammy of A Fendi bag, cracked jokes with my darling Drea of Thirty Mommy AND won 1st place in the Show off your Shoes runway contest. 

Take a look at the amazing time we had:

The Hostesses: Trina and Rhonda

 Ms. Trina's lovely shoe game

Red Velvet Cupcakes sponsored by J&J Cupcakery

SHOES! Show em' off!

"C'mon. Pick me, Pick me. You know you want to"

Look Ma, I won!!

 Photo Opt with the Contest winners

My 1st place Prize: Laser Hair removal kit by Tria. Valued at $200

Also Follow these other amazing women in their efforts to keep you, your hair, your tummy and even your babies FLY! :

Trina of The Baby Shopaholic

Rhonda of Looms, Lids and Layers

Eden Bodyworks

Pouts and Winks Make-up

Pretty Girl Glam

Tammy of A Fendi Bag and a Bad Attitude

Andrea C. of Thirty Mommy

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