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Korean singer PSY 
new music video goes viral!
By Guest Blogger, Jane Mini: Alexus 

If you’re looking for a good laugh, PSY’s Gangnam Style is the video to watch! PSY is a Korean artist who doesn’t take himself seriously unlike other kpop idols would in their videos. For example, in a normal Koren pop video such as Sistar’s Alone or Big Bangs or Bad Boy, you see the group being too sexy and too serious---that can get annoying and boring to watch after some time---in this video, though, you will see PSY's crazy dance moves, hilarious dance battle with a guy in a yellow suit, and hip thrusting in an elevator. 

The song and video have become even more popular when T-Pain tweeted about loving the video so much on twitter. Also other American celebrities and news programs such as CNN have watched and spread the joys of PSY’s video. Today the video has over a whopping 18 million views and continues to grow every day! So check out the video but beware, the song is addicting.

take a look, leave a comment and tell us your thoughts on this fun K-pop music video.

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