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Fall Trends for 2012
Ms. LeBlanc's timeless top 10

As Mercedes Benz Fashion week draws near (and hoping that I don't have to work any shows) and as some of us begin to generate our lists of "places to attend" for the 3rd annual Fashion's Night Out.  

Here are a few of my favorite and classic trends I think will be hitting the streets this fall and possibly my signature looks (if I know how I do when it comes to trends! OWN thing). Some new, some timeless some accessories, some nail art here are Ms. LeBlanc's Timeless Top 10 [for fall 12']

[in no particular order]

1. Floral Skinny Jeans

Here's a trend that spewded over from S/S 12, but I have a feeling will stick around this fall. Paired with Invisible pumps, denim button downs, oversized sweaters, bomber jackets, this look will go hand in hand for the fall season.

Eryka Badu, at Hennessy Event. NYC April 2012

2. The Return of the Stilleto/Pump

With all the funky hidden styles embellished on the new and improved Stilleto pump heels, you won't have to twist your ankle while running to the next board meeting or late for class. With a thinner [and in some cases] shorter heel span. Your accents are a  variety of classic cuts and patterns such as plastic, hints of neon or metal cap toe (all made popular last season by House of Louboutin!) while your being sexy in your dainty, stride.

3. Illusion Pumps

I am just LOVING this new trend--- a very small remix on a major accessory---With hints of color to create the illusion of a thinner, more slender fitting shoe, adds major effects to any look. With the onslaught of this Louboutin inspiration I think Illusion heels are best paired with a menswear or boyish look ; over sized blazers, trousers and loose fitting button down shirts are a sure contrast to the glamour happening post ankle.
like so:

4. Colored Denim/POP-o-COLOR

Colored Denim may never get too old or too youthful, the color Palette can only change as you mature as a woman. Sometimes a bright pair of denim's may seem like a fashion NO-NO when the temperature is -30 below. But always remember: There's always a certain POP-o-COLOR that can/will work during the white Christmas or any occasion---POP-o-COLOR was something I learned how to do, once I stopped wearing a uniform [In grade school---It completes any look, keeps you feeling energized and makes you the focal point in every conversation ....even if you aren't talking.

Ms. LeBlanc's Timeless POP-o-COLOR picks:
  Jenine of Creative Fashion blog >>>

Mustard and Cobalt Denim [and P-o-C] is a must have for the Fall season. It's the perfect break from the monotony of Black for 4 months...and we New Yorkers really love our Winter Black!...Both Colors can be the Signature Loud piece to any look or even paired together for awesome color blocking. BUT if you aren't game just yet, go ahead pair it with your winter black, like our girl Jeeda of Swoon Blog did...

5. FUR x LEATHER: In Excess
Forgive me PETA, but I mean C'MON The circle of life said it shall be so.

Fur and Leather has evovled from last years [just] trend as JUST vests, JUST collars and over the knee boots to this years cropped coat, high waist skirts and statement necklaces.


Christine of My Style Pill

Neon accents have been popping up everywhere. And it seems to pop up off season---every few years---into the next season. I like that. This was a colorful trend that started for S/S 2012, but some have pulled 1 or 2 colors out of that neon set to accent for the fall 

Those who know me well [even the new folks I'm meeting at my new job] know that I LOVE TO ACCESSORIZE. Certain things just need to be an accessory; it should be a FASHION LAW. And a Neon Accent to any look this season is actually going to work.

Make sure you keep it to these accessories, However, you shouldn't walk around looking like a Highlighter Pen:   
** Running Sneakers ** Nails
* Thin Belts ** Flats ** Scarf * Over sized Purse * Tablet/Laptop Cases * Clutch Purse * Wallets * I-Phone Case

and more....

7. 80's Claws/ "Stilleto" Nails:

I like to think I [re]STARTED this trend since back 2009. I began reshaping my square nails (during the minx craze, remember that?) when I had "down time", I couldn't afford a Minx set---and wasn't trying to--- so I said to my vintage self, "why NOT take my nails back too, nails should be no different" . Inspired by Lee's Press-On's on the 80's, I reshaped my [press on] nails. Everywhere I went my [then oval] nails were a show-stopper, but every week they got sharper and sharper. One day I blinked and they were in music videos then runways by the start of 2011.....Your're welcome girls ;)

"Claws", "Stilleto" Nails or "Sharpies" as I just started to call them (sorry, I'm an Artist AND Educator) are a great new trend for the modern day girls: The girls that dream of California Sunshine, Hot pants a Spliff and Pink lipstick. Reshape your nails however you wish,  add some pop of color to them and watch them lighten up your WHOLE LOOK. Promise! 

8. Nail Art:
Funky nail art on your 10 tiny canvas' are more then self-expression, they're 10 wiggling advocates for self-confidence. Trust. Annoying Co-worker? No worries, grab your black striper, Paint a Smiley on your middle finger and Keep it moving! ;)

Nail Art is the perfect way to really express yourself creatively without getting it wrong, drop a dress size or be someone you're not. It's the perfect style booster and perfect way to show some personal style without wearing it from head to toe.

Here's some personal nail art done by me, Jane Nails By Kinna LeBlanc, simple chic. Always

9. Hardware Flats x Oxfords
(LeBlanc Lingo)
Supportive and stylish flats are truly a girls best friend. New Mommy bloggers, stylish teachers [Like myself], boardroom babes, I mean you can't go can just keep piling on the glitter, buckles, bows etc. I like to call them "Hardware" ya know the nuts and bolts that makes your whole shoe work. A few seasons passed we saw the outbreak of STUDS [ on everything .. oy vey] but it seemed to have opened the flood gates for more creativity on a tiny canvas [again].

Flats are coming in more varieties, fabric and color choices that ladies are able to formally wear flats while being regal look is no longer frowned upon.


10. Vintage grandma sweaters x Cardigans

I mean, do I really need to say anything about these. I'm Tall, I'm slender, I'm a vintage lover, a free spirit flower child who is anti fashion and pro style....umm, I think everyone else who is cut from this thread (and that's ALOT of Janes!) can appreciate this stylish look.

Stroll in to your local vintage store, preferrably the men's section and GO CRAZY. For candy coated cardigans, I happen to LOVE everything H&M has to offer, every single season. They bring back color palettes from seasons passed and mix-n-blend throughout the year.

With the remaining Summer Sales happening all across the city [or your local city] go rack up on all these timeless trends and then some. There's new energy out there, so here's your chance to be the runway model, media mogul or boss bitch you envision yourself to be.

"The streets of New York will be a Public Runway. I Love it"
Joanna Coles
Editor-in cheif, Marie Claire

Ms. LeBlanc
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