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Curly Girl Problems!
Product Haul

So, My hair has been natural for about 2 1/2 years now and I've been wearing my hair naturally curly since about May. But unlike other fabulous black women out here---who has jumped the Permed Charter for the Natural Cruise--- I kinda just banked on having "good hair" and opt for the Wet-N-Go everyday! 

ummmm, since I do have "in between" hair (Kham calls me a Jewish Girl) and despite my [West African] black and [Carib] Indian coils growing out of my scalp, I lived like a processed girl half my life. So that Wet-N-Go didnt quite work out so well (Shrinkage, Crunch-N-munch, beady-beas, the works!). So, it's back to PRODUCT & PRE-PREPPING I go. 

I learned that it's NOT A BAD THING to coat your hair in product (like the hair salon's tell you), but it's obvious the right type of products for your hair is what you should be using. Everything should be in moderation and keeping the basic healthy hair tips you would normally (clipping ends, moisturizing, co-washing etc.) is important.

So after watching the GlamTwinz234 on Youtube (they are so cute) I just basically listened to everything they said after noticing that I have the same curl pattern and texture as they did, I figured what the hey.
As told by the Twins, I took a trip to the Pharmacy and Organic Market to pick up the following:

* Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil

* Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Condtioner [x2. sale]
* Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner

*  Herbal Essences Curl Booting Mousse

* [New] Wide tooth detangling Comb and Durable Brush by 


I've Already had my collection of Shampoos, Moisturizers and Essentials Oils [All Natural Jojoba Oil is next to purchase] and they are as follows:

* Eden Boydworks All Natural Peppermint Tea Tree Cleanser

* Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk

* Mango Oil & Sweet Almond Oil by Soft Sheen Carson 

JoJoba Oil substitute.

Wish me luck this week, during experimenting!

I look a mess!

Ms. LeBlanc
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