Barclay's Center Opening

10:34 AM

We DID IT Brooklyn, WE DID IT!"
 - Notorious BIG. 1997 

Who can forget those unforgettable words at the 1997 Soul Train Awards. When a young Christopher Wallace aka Notorious BIG triumphantly accepted an award, on our behalf, for his achievements and to breed more pride by spreading love THE BROOKLYN WAY!                                                              - Uncle Hov just chillin

People can say a lot...and I mean A LOT of negative things about the entire borough of Brooklyn, It's natives, It's distance, It's layout and what It stands for. But for some reason EVERYONE wants to be from here, say they'd lived here, know someone from here and now....say they have visited the [soon to be Iconic] Barclay's Center, home to the BROOKLYN NETS.

I mean, HELLO!!!! let's be CLEAR #1 this is a BIG ASS DEAL, I mean....we're a borough within a city, a part of a state. Sports teams come to MAJOR CITIES. So that's 1. #2 Branch Rickie [MLB Executive], Charles Ebbets and a host of others were all vying for that Atlantic Yards spot for centuries during the early baseball era. Everyone has always had huge ideas for the current space formerly know as the Atlantic yard, to place a huge stadium. and look who's the pop culture FACE of it, Brooklyn's own, Sean "Jay-Z" Carter, or known in my household as "Uncle Hov". "The Russian" may be most of the money, but we know who will make the decisions, ("reports, Jay only owns 1/15 of the Nets, however he serves as an ambassador for the team as well as a key contributor in the arena. He pushed to change the team’s colors to black and white, redesigned the logo and will dictate most of the music that is played during games" Read more) #3, ummmm it's in BROOKLYN in my back yard. So Hold THAT! Everyone else.

I am truly excited of the history this area holds, the pride it continues to breed and the unforgettable moments WE intend to make while here is enough to make one cry. Although I missed opening night [last night]'s okay, because if he can performs N* in Paris 12 x's in a row, Performing on night #3 will still be I still can't wait, i'm sure it'll be just like the first night he hit the stage and I cannot wait to be a part of it.

Every Brooklynite has kept a journal and photo-log of the progress of our stadium from the first layed brick to final light beam, take a look at my personal photo log of the process, and our fun in in the BK streets in between!

The first Layed Brick: "Oh wow, they're really doing this, huh?"

 The 2nd Trimester: "Damn, have you seen that Nets Stadium, yet?! they've got the frame up and everything!"

 The 3rd Trimester: "DAMN SON! I Can't Wait till the Barclay's center opens! have you seen how fast it's coming together?!"

Delivery 9/28/12:  "I got my ticket, I got my ticket, I got my ticket!!!!!"

Opening Night 9/28/12: "I loooooooooooooooooo--vvveeeeeeeeeeeeee BROOKLYN!"

The Barclays center hopes to attract more basketball fans since it's closer to Manhattan and houses 101 luxury suites, four bars and lounges, three clubs, Jay-z’s 40/40 Club [which has vies of the arena cleary visible to the basketball games] & Restaurant along with eight retail stores.

Images from our [unofficial] Brooklyn Nets Friday with "Brooklyn's Backcourt" Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Fontaine and I had just purchased our tickets hours before we stumbled upon the celebration on the court house steps on court street in Brooklyn Heights.

"I got my ticket, I got my ticket, I got my ticket!!!!!"
I Loved how they phrased it too: " You purchased 2 tickets to: JAY -Z" Ha! like, we don't do title's! 

Oh and let's not forget the:

The bad Cheerleaders/Dance Team; I mean, we didn't even think about these chicks in Jersey, but with edgy new costumes, Designed by famed costume Designer, David Dalrymple (who I remember fawning over at 17 when I sat front row at his Seventh on 6th Fashion show for Patricia Field) says "This isn’t palm trees and sunshine. It’s New York City, and it’s Brooklyn. It’s a different sensibility. We go hard.” YAAASSSS DAVID, YASS!

I think some variations of the costumes can look a little Rainbow Shops-ish from 1997, but then there are others that are bad ass like Nicole Bitche said "They are so ’round the way girl’ meets Destiny’s Child’s wardrobe. You sure Mama Knowles didn’t have anything to do with this? Ha" Read more

Aint nobody got time for pom-poms and shiny skirts, we in Brooklyn Bitch! love the leggings, reminds me of my girl Marie's line for Rue 107.
My Fav. dancer is  the Brown girl with the short hair, I think she's so cute! :)

If you're going to the concert this opening weekend share your style photo with us. Get a chance to post your look on by sending 1 image of your All Black Everything look and 1 image of your exciting time at the concert (image #2 can be anything: arena, stage, light show, concert date etc.) this weekend, by emailing images to
Visit Closet Jane on Wednesday October 3rd, 2012 to view each others looks (guys are more than welcomed as those tees are TOO FLY!)
submissions closes on Monday Evening 10/1 11pm. Images submitted after Monday will not be considered.
Stay tuned for MY images from inside the center, my look, my Nails, and concert photos

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