EVENT: Jay Z Concert x Barclays Center Opening Weekend

10:30 AM

Our Time at the Concert
"Photoshoot fresh, looking like wealth"

So a lot of folks turned out this past weekend [and the remainder of this week] to attend the monumental moment of the Barclays Center opening in Brooklyn, New York. The new home of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team.

To bless the basketball season, Jay-Z adorned his hometown  borough with a sold-out concert to inaugurate the new space. 
"The House that Hov built", as he modestly put it on Friday evening, kicked off a weekend of great energy throughout the borough.
While entering the Barclay's Center exhaling was very necessary, as Brooklynites felt the immense sense of PRIDE, accomplishment and rite of passage points as a true hero of their borough finally delivered. Having a new premier sports and entertainment complex in your backyard---landing smack dab in the heart of Saturday afternoon family shopping [Atlantic X Flatbush Ave]--- may just come back to bite us natives in the ass. But at least we can say a REAL NUH Brought it to us!

Illuminated by the laser show, lite sidewalks and jumbo tron advertisements I almost felt as though we just ported to the entrance of a Vegas casino....Yo are we still downtown?!

With an immediate celebratory greeting in the form of a lux bar--oh what a feeling, i'm feeling life!---The swanky, crispy clean Barclay's hosted charcoal gray walls, hard wood pop-up fixtures, chrome condiment stations and Beer kiosks' along your journey to find your seat. Hopping in a Metro PCS booth to snap/email your image is guaranteed to make any outing at the new arena a memorable one. 

Here's some concert footage (images taken from myself and other friends sprinkled throughout the audience),  the All Black Everything look by Ms. LeBlanc, Nail Art and more fun from concert night.


Awesome Panoramic scene. Thanks Em!

Sometimes he took breaks in between to just BASK. I feel you son! Yes It's REAL!

Fontaine was VERY excited that he performed "Can I Live" in it's ENTIRETY, The highlight of his evening!

"Cough up a lung, 'WHERE I'M FROM', Marcy son aint nothing nice!"

We tried, but babe was way too big for the booth!

LOOK BY LeBlanc:
Here's my All Black Everything look for the show.

Black Disco Pants by American Apparel, Black "Brooklyn" strung up sneaker Tee, Black Sneaker wedges by Rouge, Black Cat eye sunnies, Black Vintage quilted chain back, Black Vintage blazer with Gold buttons.

And here's Fontaines!
Black "Brooklyn" strung up sneaker Tee, Black button embellished Cardigan, Black Yankee Fitted, Charcoal Levi's, Vintage Black on Black 87' Jordan's

The Brooklyn Nets [Inspo] Set.

 This entire set took me 3 Hours! I'm not really sure why. I think my level of PRIDE made me move extra carefully! #insane

I just LOVE the left hand:  I switched the basketball to go on the "K" so the "B" can stand alone and the "K" can be adorned ( for OBVIOUS reasons. HELLO!)

of "Forever Young"  below
thanks Lee!


As I sat and embraced the love from The Jigga Man's heart to my soul I tried to piece together the nonsense I heard just 72 hours prior: "boring!", "no energy", "he ONLY brought out Kane" and realized exactly what I speculated: The young generation is all about instant gratification. But as Uncle Hov simply put it: "Thanks for coming but do your history", MINORITY OWNER = AN OWNER so "BE INSPIRED!"

As I remembered rushing home from Walt Whitman Junior High to turn to channel  25, the voice of another Brooklyn Uncle came through the TV set, DJ Ralph McDaniels' deep baritone introduced a premier on Video Music Box that day, by saying: "a young, hungry cat straight out of Marcy.....goes by the name of Jay-Z.....this ones called 'In My Life Time'" debuted. A lanky figure on a BK rooftop, wearing fine Italian clothes came across my screen. I was 10. The chorus was catchy. And this Fella intrigued me. Unsure of the why, then and almost 20 years later---as my 30th slowly creeps--- the why is not only clear, but succinct.

Seeing Jay embrace and pat his OWN self on the back showed that this was a MAJOR personal accomplishment. Just enough reassurance I needed to continue with forward thinking. You see, Uncle Hov made me remind myself "nobody's built like you You design yourself" and also of the words of Confucius: "its no matter how slow you go, as long as you DON'T STOP"

SOME of us can now put SOME rumors to rest, you know the ones about: Dudes he made Million/aires/Now they're Milling about/ Spill-in their Feelings in the air. OR, he pushed Freeway off Stage. OR, he did Dame dirty. OR, he got the Spanish kid from Harlem a body charge. OR the list can go on and on.

Who'd like to continue? Sure go on ahead with O & Sparks, Beans, Amil and the disgruntled rest.

Listen, I'm actually not sure if dude reads Alister Crowley all day long OR that his black card does in fact bear the mark of the beast. I DO know that Shawn....yes Shawn (you know the real guy) will always ride in the drop with the A/C off, that's why the hood embraces him, because he's so COOL!

Drops Mic ....

"Forever Young" closing the show:

Sorry, tilt that tablet baby!

Ms. LeBlanc
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