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Styling 101 with Ms. LeBlanc

Most of the women at my job are super fly, but if you let them tell it, they'd say that Ms. LeBlanc is the only heartbeat of effortless style.....I mean they're not totally wrong.....BUT if I could create a collage, for the next year featuring pieces from each colleagues wardrobe, I'd be asked to come sit next to Auntie Joan on E!

After listening to a few testimonials and like most women, these women just do not have the time, patience and creative eye to create looks to keep up with the rest of Runway NYC (I mean, they ARE shaping young female minds)
Instead they come in to my office where I compliment a piece and ask: "Well, WHY are you wearing it like THAT?!"                          

"Because everyone's not YOU Ms. LeBlanc"

This is true but you can pretend and I don't mind helping. Like "Ms. Blue" over here, who covered up such a gorg dress with major detail AND accessories today. So, I just used her as a canvas, nothing major, just some relocating, re-shifting and reshaping and OoWw! Drab to Semi Fab. Thoughts?


Ms. LeBlanc
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