Street Snap

11:00 AM

Feat. Ms. LeBlanc x Tiffy Millz x Bryan

One day while leaving a long hassling day of work, my co-worker, Tiffany and I were strolling towards the L train when I noticed that I just happeend to be in the frame of a freelance photographer's creative zone of NYC happenings. 

Being the outspoke person that I am, upon turning the corner I prompted to ask this bearded fella to see this capture. He pleasently complied, proceeded to show us and even confirmed that he just liked taking random shots through the streets of NYC. After seconds of exchanging positive energy and still on a no-name basis he offered to snap another and here's what came of it.....

We exchanged laughs, names, business cards, thank you's and you're welcomes and here's how they got to my blog!

Visit Bryan Formhals and check out some of his work, he seems pretty dope. I'm happy I met this guy, you never know what can come about from such random happening  from later on ;)

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