Vintage Photo Friday!

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Color Blocking in the 70's

In an effort to maintain our Vintage roots Closet Jane has revamped "Sunday Inspirations", "Sundays Best" and "Jane Mondays". I come across the most BEAUTIFUL images, while doing my own research for the brand--- images that make you just stop, drop and roll in excitement of it's glamour and beauty---I figure, why NOT share this with all of my readers. 

We all have love of vintage, pin-ups and its entire lifestyle. So I'm introducing VINTAGE PHOTO FRIDAY which will allow us to exhale and admire the art and photography of a stylish yester-year. 

Unveiling at the end of a busy week VPF is sure to get your mind relaxed and right for the weekend. Beauty does make you stop and steer, doesn't it! 

Readers are more than welcomed to contribute to VPF by emailing images to

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