Cuticlel Candy: Jane Nails Art Poll

10:30 AM

Calling all Jane Dolls & Jane Mini's 

Jane Nail Art Poll

Ms. LeBlanc needs your help!
You're input is always valuable, you're advice is always invaluable, your likes & dislikes keeps me on my toes, so now I need your help for my Holiday Party, LeBLANC FaBouche: A Closet Jane Holiday party.

We have a ton of goodies in store for you during our event on Sunday, December 16th but while we work,
I need your guidance. Below are some of my favorite picks from my own DIY Nail Art designs.
A couple of these designs will be featured (in a very special way) on 12/16 (so stay tuned!) but if you had to choose YOUR fav, which would it be?

Don't be bashful, cast your vote and see what makes the cut. The judges will deliberate (in my T. Banks voice) and I'll unveil which tiny art piece makes the "exhibition" !

Remember stay tuned for more details, but don't forget to cast your vote in the comment section (for ex: "I like a: polka dot" , "h: racer is my fav") in order to do so ;)

Ms. LeBlanc
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Thanks for leaving your opinion, Toots! It means a lot :)

Ms. LeBlanc