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Girl on Film x Boy in Heels
Andrej Pejic

In just 1 week alone, I have seen countless images of a tall, stoic blonde covered in 3-D Beauty marks and equip with enough Joosh for anyone's runway. Between picking up an out dated New York magazine-- while waiting in the dentist office--- and randomly seeing this face show up in--- an unrelated--- Google search "The prettiest cover boy in the world!" just kept popping up in front of me.

He's a young man, with a pretty face, the Bosnian Australian androgynous high fashion model, Andrej Pejic is the dream of any  older European sugar daddy's fashion dreams. Since blowing the fashion scene open walking in both the mens and womens shows for Jean Paul Gautier, Pejic can be seen in an onslaught of FaBouche, high fashion and Haute Couture editorials, covers, tear sheets and fashion shows from the past 2 years AND a reality show in the works! He's arrived hunni!

I'm just not sure how I feel about this male fashion model getting way more work and recognition than some female models who's been around the block for some time (double cha-ching and double slap) However, I guess it's in his own right, I mean he has wuuurrked it to this point. I like his back story of humble beginnings--- growing up in a concentration camp, working at MickeyD's, only having girls as friends, working in and a corn field....I guess he can were a bikini without his package tapped back.....wait, I dunno.....

Either way check out his journey:

For Adeen:

With the Homie, Shaun Ross

For Gaultier
 Walking in both Mens and Womens shows for Gaultier

As the Gaultier Bride. 2011

He's just a boy. Pretty ass motherf****. smDh.

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